Photo by Vera Pashkevich

Well, hello there.

You clicked on my "About" link, which means you found my website either a) intriguing, b) confusing or c) horrifying, in which case, I owe you a drink. Or several, depending on the nature of your horror.

As for a little about me ... I'm a born-and-bred Minnesotan living in Seattle and working as a digital copy manager for I moved here in January of 2012 and still haven't gotten used to all the flannels, beanies and beards. Don't get me wrong – Minneapolis has plenty of all three, but it's like a year-round lumberjack convention 'round these parts, except none of them would ever dare cut down a tree.

I loved my days in the Midwest but ultimately moved to Seattle because, well, there's something about snot freezing in my nose due to sub-zero temperatures that really rubs me the wrong way. 

Minnesota = Land of 10,000 Snotcicles.

I started Art of Wore back in 2010 because I'm obsessed with fashion to a degree that is probably unhealthy and borderline gross (my boyfriend can attest to this). Despite writing about clothing, shoes and handbags all day long at work, I still have far too many thoughts on the subject to keep them to myself (again, boyfriend can attest), so I started a BLOG. An original idea for 2003 and pretty unexciting for 2010, but hey, it keeps me entertained, and if you're still reading this, at least the horror hasn't quite set in yet (patience, my dear).

So here I am, documenting my outfits, favorite editorials, girl crushes, beauty tips, trend alerts and Fashion Week adventures through carefully constructed posts that hopefully don't reveal my numerous foibles (which you can generally discover through my Twitter non sequiturs).

If you'd like to keep in touch, feel free to add to your RSS feed, like Art of Wore on Facebook, follow me on Twitter and peek at my oh-so-Seattle existence on Instagram.

Mary O'Regan

P.S. The opinions expressed on this blog are my own and do not reflect that of my employer, duh!