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Rest for the weary

My my, it's been a long time since I've updated this here blog. Let's see ... what have I been up to? Well, earlier this week I flew to Phoenix for a bridal shoot by L.A. photographer Marcus Hoffman. It's so heavenly hot there. My art director and I took turns standing outside the studio, taking little "sun breaks." I couldn't be out for too long because I didn't put on sunscreen (and if you've ever seen me, you know I'm paler than death), but it was nice to soak up a little vitamin D before winter arrives.

Yesterday I met with fellow members of the Voltage: Fashion Amplified selection committee to determine which designers we'd like to invite for interviews. We narrowed it down to 12 and will be briefly meeting with each of them next Saturday. Ten designers will be chosen to participate in the show on Apr. 15th at First Avenue.

Tonight I'm judging the International Interior Design Association's "Fashion + Fusion" show at The Depot with Christopher Straub (of Project Runway fame), Anna Lee (of MNfashion) and Allison Hamzehpour (of Ignite Models). The designers will send down the runway looks made of discarded samples from ZeroLandfill, an upcycling firm that collects leftover architecture and interior design materials. Think dresses made from vinyl flooring, roof shingles and stuff like that. It's gonna be crazy fun.

Tomorrow I'm judging the 331 Club's Drunken Spelling Bee with one of my favorite gal pals, Meghan McAndrews of High Plains Thrifter. It's gonna be a night of silliness, beer and words — sounds like a delightful combination to me.

As for Sunday, well, that's the best of them all — VACATION! I'm going on a trip to Door County, Wisconsin, a magical little beachtown that should be beautiful this time of year. I've never been before, but apparently it's quite the vacation hotspot. Check out these photos I found online to psych myself up for the trip (as if I needed any help with that). And bid me adieu; I'll be blissfully unplugged the whole time I'm there.

Fish Creek Harbor / Photo by brady frequent traveler and eater via flickrPhoto by WisDoc via flickr

Photo by Alvinj88 via flickrPhoto by Adam Grim via flickrPhoto by GtrGeorge via flickrNewport State Park / Photo by Aaron C. Jors via flickr

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