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Just another crazy week

Yikes, October has been a busy month. My trip to Door County came and went (photos at the end of this post) and I already feel like I need another vacation. On Friday, the day after I got back in town, I hit up the Walker Art Center for its After Hours Preview Party introducing the Yves Klein exhibition, which is quite amazing.

Photos don't do his work justice. The blues are just so vibrant and exhilarating in person.

Yesterday I saw Sleigh Bells, one of my new favorite bands, perform at the Triple Rock Social Club.

The show was awesome, despite a mosh-pit completely engulfing me and ripping my tights. I ended up pushed up against the front of the stage, inches from the guitar player and Alexis Krauss, the super hot lead singer. I managed to take this crappy sideways video during "Rill Rill," my favorite song. If you cock your head to the left and squint, you can make out Alexis tearing it up in an oversized Madonna t-shirt.

Tomorrow night I'm going to see Roger Waters, the lead singer of Pink Floyd, perform at the Xcel Energy Center.

Roger Waters many years ago.This is actually a huge deal for me. I know, I know, totally dorky, right? But Pink Floyd has always been my favorite band. It's like I'm a middle-aged ex-hippie trapped in the body of a 20-something fashion editor. Anyway, I'm probably going to lose my mind at this concert. Rumor has it, David Gilmour, one of the other lead singers of Pink Floyd, who doesn't get along well with Waters, might make an appearance. In which case, my head will almost certainly explode.

Ahhhh, I'm so excited!

Allow me to close out this post with a few of my favorite photos that my sweetheart and I snapped during our trip to Door County. if you've never been, it's worth a visit!

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Halloween ... sigh ...

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