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Halloween ... sigh ...

It's a well-known fact among my friends that I don't like Halloween. Strange, right? You'd think it'd be my favorite holiday since it involves getting all dressed up and going to parties, but truthfully, I'd much rather get all dressed up and go to parties SANS complicated, over-wrought costume. I hate agnoizing over it for weeks and spending a bunch of money on supplies just for five minutes of "Oh wow, look at you." Then spending the rest of the party uncomfortable and, often, freezing my butt off. It's a whole lot of work for not a lot of payoff!

And yet, I can't say no to a good party. So I persevere.

Here's a recap of what I wore for Halloween over the past four years. My rules are: It's it's easy, I'll wear it. If you make it for me, I'll wear it. If it's free, I'll wear it. Low maintenance = good.


My friend, cartoonist Tim Sievert, offered to make me a Halloween costume with the condition that I be whatever he wanted me to be. And what he wanted me to be was MODOK, a Marvel Comics character whose name is an acronym for "Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing." Sounded good to me. Here's MODOK:

And here's me:

Calm down; I know it's scary.


This was the year I decided to spend a bunch of money on a costume that I could hopefully rewear on future Halloweens. I picked up the dress at a local vintage shop and grabbed accessories from Ragstock and Heartbreakers.

My boyfriend went as a male gigolo, so we fit together pretty well. I was freezing; thank god for the feather boa.


You'll never guess what I wore.

As you can tell, this was thrilling. But hey, I didn't have to buy/make/think about anything!


I couldn't bring myself to go the flapper route again, so I dug around in my boyfriend's closet and came up with this.

Pretty good for five minutes of effort. I used my boyfriend's mustache from his gigolo costume, one of his old suits, an antique bowler cap he wore during a past Halloween, and a pair of random glasses I had lying around.

I have no idea what I'd do if my boyfriend didn't have a box of old costume supplies. I dug through it tonight and it looks like I'm going to be a pirate this year. Yarrrrrr.

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