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Behind-the-Scenes: November Fashion Shoot

Remember that model casting call I wrote about last week? We shot the story on Friday and it turned out really well. Our model, Alicia, was fantastic and exceeded everyone's expectations. Here are some behind-the-scene photos I took during the shoot.

This is one of three racks of clothing wardrobe stylist Grant Whittaker pulled for the story. He used six or seven vendors total. (Recognize that fur vest? I used it in the presentation I styled for Neiman Marcus's Fashion's Night Out party!)

A smattering of jewelry. The metal piece on the left can be used as a necklace or belt. It's hard to see, but there's a lion face in the middle of the medallion!

Shoes! I fell in love with the cream polka-dot pair by Open Ceremony in the lower right corner.

Here's Alicia getting her hair and makeup done by Andrea Holton, one of my favorite artists in the Twin Cities. The look du jour was shimmery skin, nude lips and dark, smoky eyes with long, wavy, messy hair.

Standard photo shoot fare — bagels, veggie and fruit trays, juice, etc. We catered in Brasa for lunch.

Inspiration! We were shooting in the studio on a plain backdrop, so it helped to have ideas for poses.

Photo assistant Ben standing in for a lighting test. There are probably 10 million photos of photography assistants across the world doing this very thing. Someone should compile them into a book called "Stand-In: The Life of a Non-Model."

Here's the real deal, Alicia, doin' her thang. For someone with little experience, she totally understood what we were looking for and gave 110 percent. She never complained, even when we made her jump in the air over and over again. A true professional.

I'm so excited to see the final photos. My art director and I are going to make our picks on Monday and Tuesday and get the final images on Thursday. I'll be sure to post the story here once it hits newsstands in November!

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