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More Behind-the-Scenes Bridal Fashion

I hope it's not too boring that all I post anymore are behind-the-scenes pictures from fashion shoots. It's that time of year for me right now, so it seems like photo shoots are all I've been doing. So, that's what you're getting.

The following shots are from a bridal shoot I edited on Thursday. Our photographer was the talented Buck Holzemer and our models were local girls Emily (brunette) and Alyssa (redhead). The concept was bright and cheery with simple styling and lots of movement. We shot against a big, open cove painted the loveliest rich blue.

Wardrobe stylist Hollie Mae of HMStyling is on the left and makeup artist Andrea Holton is on the right.

Gorgeous Emily doin' her thang.

Hollie Mae adjusting Alyssa's little lacy bolero.

Wedding dresses! This is like, a fourth of what we worked with over the course of the two-day shoot.

Hair table.

Makeup table.

I absolutely love short wedding dresses and have never understood why so few brides wear them. If you don't sport floor-length gowns regularly, it makes no sense to introduce one into your wardrobe just for your wedding. There's probably a reason you aren't normally wearing them! Short, knee-skimming gowns like this are fresh, youthful, fun, flirty and romantic. Everything I'd want to be on my wedding day.

Whoa. Hold the phone. This is a statement piece if I ever saw one. I loved this look and knew that, while it's not the most accessible, wearable style, it had to be in the magazine. Who doesn't want to turn heads on her wedding day? You'd turn a few heads and then some in this avant garde ensemble. And Alyssa pulled it off so well. Can you believe that's her natural hair color?

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