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Party Recap: MIA Third Thursday

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Last night was the MIA's 3rd Thursday open house in which the museum teamed up with MNfashion to host trunk shows, a fashion show and local band Pink Mink. I was on "The List" with several other editors, bloggers and industry peeps, which got us into a private room in the back where we could mingle and sip champagne. This seems to be a new marketing angle for the MIA — reaching out to select movers and shakers, treating them well and reaping the benefits as they bring in tons of stylish peeps. Apparently "The List" soirees are going to happen quarterly, and I'm happy to be invited.

Last night proved successful as the museum was packed with every scenester in the Metro area. Here are a few tidbits from the party:

- Sarah White of Jagress Intimates and I watched models standing in line, preparing to hit the runway during the fashion show. She told me that's one of her ideal moments — making frantic adjustments seconds before the models walk. Sounds panicky to me, but she likes it!

- Fashion designer Raul Osorio's mother was in town all the way from Honduras. She looked a little overwhelmed, but that's probably what happens when you meet a hundred of your son's friends and fans all at once.

- Street style photographer Ellen Dahl of the Minneapoline, chic in black pleated pants, marveled at the young age models are starting out in this town. It's not uncommon to see a 15- or 16-year-old prancing down the runway. You don't even want to know what I was doing at 16. Safe to say it wasn't hobnobbing with fashion elite at the MIA.

- 'Tis the season for blunt-cut bangs. Hollie Mae of HMStyling brought back her seasonal razor-sharp bang look, and I'm loving it.

- Meghan McAndrews of High Plains Thrifter plotted a poential fashion story with stylist Molly Roark. McAndrews has recently opened up her amazing vintage collection to wardrobe stylists looking for one-of-a-kind pieces. Sounds like Hollie Mae recently paid her a visit.

- L'etoile editor Kate Iverson is the queen of drink tickets. That is all.

- Fashion designer Ivan Idland and I tried to figure out the mystery of where, exactly, we were allowed to bring our drinks. It's a museum after all. We failed.

- Kristin Berwald of Bionic Unicorn did double duty last night, providing jewelry for Samantha Rei of Blasphema's Closet's portion of the runway show, and bringing son Kieren along for the ride. He was all smiles — must take after his mom.

- A breathless Anna Lee of MNfashion, who produced last night's fashion show and held a Ruby3 trunk show, took a couple seconds to bask in the event's success. She'd been dreaming of this very night, hosting a runway show in that very hallway. Pretty amazing. That girl is a dream achiever.

- Also spotted: Allison Hamzehpour and Jessica Cunningham of Ignite Models in cute cocktail dresses; David Brewer (a.k.a. DJ So Gold) in line at the bar; Stephanie Davila of Minneapolis/St.Paul magazine arriving late with boyfriend Paul Gillis; stylist Jahna Peloquin, who also helped put on the event, in a cute black dress; Aveda graphic designer Chris Larson, my male model muse, made also it on The List; Tequen Zéa Aida of Vision Model Management, heading upstairs for the show; Vanessa and Jeremy Messersmith with Jennifer Mumm of Blacklist Vintage chatting up Raul's mom; and artist Alaina Mulawka reminiscing on our mutual friend who recently moved to Delaware for art school.

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