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Glamour magazine + Mark Leibowitz

I often feel a little bummed out on Sundays. My weekends fly by too quickly and come Sunday evening I'm left wishing I'd slept in longer, seen more people and ran more errands. But today has been surprisingly productive. I spent the afternoon with several dozen seriously stylish ladies at French Meadow Bakery for Glamour magazine's street fashion shoot.

The magazine has recently started shooting average Janes in different cities arount the US, and Minneapolis will be featured in the March issue. It's gonna be so fun seeing who makes it in. I'm not counting on seeing my smiling face in the pages, but I'm sure I'll know at least a couple ladies.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the shoot was meeting Mark Leibowitz, Glamour's street fashion photographer. He's worked for tons of national fashion mags and covered New York, Paris and Milan fashion weeks, most notably in a series of artistic backstage photos taken at John Galliano's 2008 shows. Check some of 'em out below. I'm pretty much in love with these images.

Photo by Mark Leibowitz

Photo by Mark LeibowitzPhoto by Mark LeibowitzPhoto by Mark LeibowitzPhoto by Mark LeibowitzPhoto by Mark Leibowitz Photo by Mark LeibowitzPhoto by Mark Leibowitz

Lovely, no? I can't imagine how he managed to create these images, but I could certainly imagine them framed on my wall. It's always refreshing to see fashion and art blended so seamlessly.

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