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Party Recap: L'etoile's Jubilee

Photo by Stephen Stephens / Styled by Jahna Peloquin

On Saturday night, l'etoile magazine held its annual holiday Jubilee, an invite-only soiree held at a secret location, which, this year, turned out to be Rogue Buddha Gallery. The guest list consisted of who's who in local fashion — stylists, designers, photographers, etc. Everyone dressed in sparkly vintage attire and sipped on themed cocktails with names like Santa's Sauce. The party was still hoppin' when I rolled out at around 1 a.m. — always a good sign. Here's my party recap:

- I wore a long, draped, metallic '80s dress from High Plains Thrifter, paired with some silver chains and ankle boots. It was a little Dynasty, a little futuristic and a little swinger-party; in other words: perfect. And guess what? It's for sale! I'll try to post a photo soon, just in case you're in the market for a slinky little number.

- Knitwear designer Kevin Kramp and I are in agreement on Minnesota winters — they suck. But we're not in agreement about the internet. He refuses to use it for inspiration, whereas I can't seem to get enough. I did get him to admit to following a few blogs though!

- Midway through the party, I met the beautiful blogger Hina Khan, wearing a lovely fur stole. She told me a bit about her site, and after checking my Google Reader today, I realized I'm already following it! Her outfit posts are super cute — doesn't hurt that she's model pretty!

- While chatting with l'etoile editor-in-chief, Kate Iverson, it occurred to me that the magazine's weekend guide is perfect for singles. It's pretty much a weekly map for finding crowds of cute people. Turns out Kate is well aware of this, and l'etoile has toyed with services specifically geared toward singles, like a speed-dating / text messaging party. Anyone ever gone to one of these?

- Every time I talk to stylist Molly Roark I get all excited about the projects up her sleeve. It's not my place to spill the beans on anything, but expect big things from this girl.

- I'm hoping to see fashion stylist/writer Jahna Peloquin in New York for Fashion Week this February. We talked about the possibility of taking the city by storm. Watch out, world!

- Jennifer Saprio, co-owner of Blacklist Vintage looked picture-perfect in a ('50s-era?) green dress and the softest light brown fur stole. I told her I wanted it and she replied, "It's actually for sale at the store!" Smart girl, displaying the merch like that. Lucky, too!

- Had a mini dance party with fashion designer Emma Berg, who was wearing Max Lohrbach's big, full-skirted Retrorama dress. (I believe this is the one.) She couldn't have picked a better holiday gown! Perfect for bouncing around the room.

QUICKIES: Aveda graphic designer Chris Larson (who art directed the image above) wore the cutest little bowtie with rounded corners; Rachel Thompson sported a rich, ruby red dress that looked great with her curly brown hair; I spotted Teqen Zéa Aida of Vision Model Management having his own private dance-off right in thick of the party — that's the way to do it; commiserated with photographer Stacy Schwartz on the insane busyness of the holiday season; discussed songwriting with lingerie designer Sara White of Jagress Intimates — her boyfriend is a musician.

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