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From Concept to Completion

It's funny how the initial concept for a photo shoot can vary so wildly from what you end up putting together. A few weeks ago my art director and I were approached about doing a fashion editorial loosely inspired by the above images (origin unknown). Pretty, right? I loved how the model looks like she's underwater, but it's actually just a combination of flowing clothes, wind, and the right poses.The photographer, Miles Schuster, wanted to shoot outside with a grey backdrop that intermingled with nature. And we would, of course, switch things up so as not to copy this directly, but still keep with the same dreamy vibe.

We put together a team and started scouting a location for the shoot. This is where things got murky. The weather wasn't cooperating, we weren't sold on the locations, and I started to second-guess the fashion. Even though I loved the premise and the whole thing seemed beautiful and artistic, was it really right for a summer fashion shoot? There are so many of-the-moment trends I want to highlight right now and long, sheet-like gowns aren't one of them. The concept also seemed dark and moody for a July editorial. I could see something like this working for winter, or maybe as an avant garde side-project that isn't trying to sell clothes.

After talking with my art director and the photographer, we decided to hold off on this idea and go with something a little more trend-driven. I came up with a concept — mixed prints and patterns — and we stuck with our backdrop-on-location idea, but switched things up so we'd be in the city instead.

The shoot took place downtown on Wednesday. Several crew members captured some behind-the-scene photos.

Photo by Filipe Marques

Here's Miles talking with models Raina Hein (second-place runnerup in this season's America's Next Top Model) and Ashlee Walker, a highly talented, popular up-and-comer.

I loved the way the fashion turned out. Our stylist was the wonderful Hollie Mae of HMStyling. This was our first time working together on a shoot, though we've been pals for some time. She totally got my vision and it was fun playing around with pattern combinations and accessories together.

Photo by Filipe Marques

Photo by Miles Schuster

Photo by Miles Schuster

Photo by Filipe MarquesEverything went really well during the shoot. The models were excellent, the hair and makeup looked great, and the weather was perfect.

We met on Friday and chose our (almost) final images for the story. I'm so excited to see it in layout. I'll be sure to post them here once the story hits newsstands in July.

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