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All clogged up

Around six months ago I proclaimed to the world (via Twitter) that I wasn't feeling the clog resurgance that's sweeping the fashion world. The main reason for this was because I couldn't stop picturing these ugly rubber clodhoppers you often see on gardeners and people too lazy for shoelaces.

Chic, huh? For the next few months I stuck to my guns, vowing not to embrace the trend, and feeling like I was the only sane person on the planet. It reminded me of fifth grade Mary who once proclaimed bell-bottoms the ugliest pants possible, then spent all of high school wearing them. Or high school Mary who chided her mother for claiming nautical is always in style, and now sports half a closet full of sailor stripe shirts and oxfords. Never say never.

So like most fads, it was only a matter of time before clogs grew on me. Now I'm spending all my time browsing the surprisingly creative variations. To wit:

Jeffrey Campbell from Nordstrom

We shot these for the fashion shoot I blogged about a while back. They're a good starter clog for the girl who wants a little sexiness and edge while still rocking a wooden heel.Prada from Neiman Marcus

Also a good starter clog. Loved the studded edge.N.Y.L.A. from Nordstrom

These are really fun. You probaby wouldn't get them until you already have some solid colors in your closet. I'd recommend pairing them with a plain outfit (eg. skinny jeans, white tee) so they'd be the focal point.

Tory Burch from Nordstrom

Not sure how I feel about these. The color's kinda weird. I don't like the lack of contrast between the leather and the wood.Miu Miu from Net-a-Porter

A great summer option. Clogs aren't exactly known for being breezy, and this is as close as you'll get to sandals.Diane von Furstenberg from Net-a-Porter

I could see these on a modern art type of girl. They're sculptural as hell.

Diane von Furstenberg from Neiman Marcus

An epic pair of clogs. I'd respect the hell out of anyone wearing 'em and you should too. Did I mention this is a great footwear trend for short ladies? I'm already tall and would look like Shaquille O'Neil in these suckers.

N.Y.L.A. from NordstromI'm in love with this last one. Maybe I'm drawn to it because it's so un-clog-like? It doesn't even make sense! Wood platform ankle bootie clogs with functionless buttons and a mesh drawstring? How freaking weird and awesome! It's not often I'll spot something so equally confusing and beautiful. WANT.

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