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You knucklehead, you

I love watching the birth of a trend. It's hard to remember when I first spot any given fad, but after it pops up enough, a lightbulb goes off in my head and I think, Hey! I've seen that before! This must be a new thing! Then I'm either disappointed (see: clogs), excited (see: menswear-inspired everything) or initially disappointed, then head-over-heels in love (see again: clogs).

The newest trend I'm digging falls in the accessories realm: knuckle rings! Also known as two- or three-finger rings, these suckers are totally bad-ass. They remind me of a little of a Chinese finger trap in that they're highly uncomfortable, but awesome looking. And when you see one, you can't help but try it on.

Gun ring by Need Supply

Stick 'em up!

Dagger ring by Noir Jewelry from ShopBopDouble trend alert! Lethal weapon jewelry. Hot and dangerous.

Snake ring from Urban OutfittersYou wouldn't mess with someone wearing a snake ring, would you?

A Peace Treaty ring from ShopBopBling, baby! Pretty sure I saw Diddy sportin' this one.

Three-finger ring from Need SupplyThat's right — three fingers. Do not attempt to chop vegetables while wearing.

Bar ring by Elizabeth and James for ShopBopThis one's classy. It looks like a tie clip.

Fallon ring from ShopBopClose your eyes — just for a moment — and imagine getting punched in the face with this ring. Gross, right? But it's so cute!

Jules Smith ring in rose gold from ShopBopThe most feminine of the bunch. It almost looks like a tiny flute.

And there you have it. Knuckle rings are the latest and greatest in hand décor. They run the gamut from pretty and sweet to scary and dangerous. And really; isn't that what we're looking for in all the great trends?

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