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Rethinking pajamas

Up until a few weeks ago, I've been really lazy about pajamas. They've always been low on my priority list. Why spend money on new PJs when you can buy a cute dress or new shoes? A girl's gotta budget somehow. So pajamas have gotten the shaft for years.

My typical nighttime attire consists of a tank top and shorts. I'm not sure why anyone would sleep in anything else. Nightgowns are impossible to prevent from slowly bunching up around your armpits throughout the night unless you're some sort of unmoving sleeper, pajama pants are too hot, and onsies don't fit my ridiculously long torso. So, it's shorts and camis for me.

The problem is, I've had a helluva time finding tank top / sleep shorts combos. There's truly a gap in the market when it comes to cute, affordable sets. I've checked department stores, Victoria's Secret, Target, Gap, etc. Everything I've found is either dowdy as hell or made for pre-teens.

But! The other day I was wandering around Target and decided to check out the menswear department (full disclosure: I was looking for a fedora to fit my man-sized head), when to my surprise, I stumbled upon the perfect pajamas!

Mens boxer shorts in adorable old-fashioned patterns and stretchy white tanks (also known as wife-beaters). I'm in love with the blue striped and checkered prints that look like they came from Ward Beaver's dresser.

I grabbed five pairs in a size small and they fit quite nicely. Paired with white cotton tank, it's a great breezy outfit for summertime sleeping. Cheap too. I think they were around $5 a pair.

The final step for me was throwing away my old threadbare PJs. I've had many of them for years, so it was a little like getting rid of an old, rumpled friend. I'd gotten at least two of the shorts in high school — one to wear under my robe at a choir concert, and the other from a friend who starred in a Frosted Cheerios commerical and got a commemorative pair of boxer shorts with frosted Cheerios all over them (still not sure how they ended up in my posession, but whatever). Funny how something as simple as pajamas can hold so many memories.

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