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What's on my Tivo

I got cable TV for the first time this year. You'd think this would open me up to an entire world of new programming, but I've had Tivo since 2003, which means I rarely channel surf. Therefore, I hardly ever happen upon a new show. Almost everything I watch comes from word-of-mouth recommendations. That said, here are some of my favorite and not-so-favorite current fashion-related and non-fashion-related shows:

Project Runway - This one's obvious. I love judging the clothes and the designers themselves. Who's bitchy? Who sucks? Who's top-two material? Super excited for Season Eight to start on Thursday.

America's Next Top Model - This one's best left on in the background during a girly night in. It's what, the twentieth round or something? Obviously no Top Models are truly being made here, but it's still fun to watch. I fast-forward through all the cattiness and skip right to the photo shoots (thank you, tivo).

Kell on Earth - I have mixed feelings on this one. Similiar to ANTM, I tend to skip over the office drama and concentrate on the fashion events. Who wants to watch an intern bumble around with a photocopier? Half the time it feels like I'm watching my own office. Love gothy Andrew though.

Work of Art - LOVE this show. It's my new favorite. The artists are so crazy and cute and sweet and wacky and hilarious. And just like Project Runway, they seem like real people with real dreams. Miles and Abdi are my current favorite contestants. (And not just because Miles is a hometown hero!) Some of the art is truly impressive and some is truly laughable. As in real life. Love it.

Ru Paul's Drag Race - I started out loving this show and got a little tired of it after a while. I think it was mostly because the contestants weren't regularly creating anything, you know? They were all over the map designing clothes, taking photos, acting in commericals, drawing, doing hair and makeup. It was too all over the place. And in the end the winner was supposed to be the best drag queen, i.e. the best live performer. But that was just a small part of the show. Eh.

Sheer Genius - This show has its moments. It's fun in the way that Project Runway and Work of Art are fun, but the payout is rarely as great. I think I saw four hairstyles I actually liked in all of last season. They need to give the stylists more time or something because most of the work is just not good.

Mad Men - One of the best shows on television. Costume designer Janie Bryant is a damn genius. Also, I would like to have John Hamm's babies.

Breaking Bad - I've been talking this show up to everyone lately. It's crazy good! Here's the premise: A high school chemistry teacher learns he's terminally ill with cancer, so he starts making meth to save up money for his family. Chaos ensues. Sounds cheesy, but trust me; it's not. The show wouldn't be anywhere as good without brilliant actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul at the helm. Netflix the first season. If you're not hooked after the first episode (which was mind-blowing), then this show's not for you.

Parks & Recreation - This show has gotten WAY funnier since the first season. Like, 30 Rock funny. The characters have finally found their footing and the wait's paid off. Aziz Ansari (Tom) and Chris Pratt (Andy) are probably my faves. Hilario.

What are you watching these days? Remember, I don't channel surf, so recommendations are much appreciated!

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