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New fashion editorial

Remember those behind-the-scenes photos from the fashion shoot I edited a few weeks back for METRO magazine? Well, it's finally on newsstands and I couldn't be happier! The concept — mixed prints — turned out exactly as I'd hoped and the models look amazing.

It was super fun meeting Raina Hein, second-place runnerup in last season's America's Next Top Model (the brunette pictured below). We would have liked to get her in more shots, but she had to be on a plane to Dubai halfway through the shoot. Luckily Vision model Ashlee Walker was more than able to carry the story all by herself. Doesn't she look amazing in this opening shot?

Photo by Miles SchusterPhoto by Miles SchusterPhoto by Miles SchusterPhoto by Miles SchusterPhoto by Miles SchusterPhoto by Miles SchusterCredits
Photography: Miles Schuster
Styling: HMStyling
Editing: Mary O'Regan
Hair: Andy Doan
Makeup: Allison Jean AuBuchon
Assistant stylist: AJ
Photo assist: Filipe N. Marques
Talent: Ashlee Walker, Raina Hein

For wardrobe designer and price information, click here.

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