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I <3 shoes

I've been on a bit of a shoe kick lately. I'm going to New York Fashion Week next month and want to make sure I have a few pairs of versatile, trendy pumps, so I started shopping online. Talk about overwhelming. Where does one start? I decided that I need a new pair of basic black heels. Currently, I have some patent leather peep-toes and a rather boring pair of three-inchers, but nothing sleek and semi-statementy.

Enter Jessica Simpson's Waleo platform pumps from

Five and a quarter inches of sky-high stilettos! I love the not-quite round, not-quite pointy almond toes and the understated matte leather. They're a little big in the area around the heel, which is typical for me, so I slipped in some inserts. I also picked up some gel heel cushions for maximum comfort. These babies probably aren't the most practical for skampering from fashion show to fashion show, but hopefully they won't hurt too much.

While I was at it, I also picked up this pair of pretty, floral Tea Party Jazz flats from, one of my favorite online boutiques.

How freaking adorable are these? Not only are they currently on sale, but I got a 30% discount with a coupon they emailed me. I can't wait to wear 'em san socks with a pair of skinny jeans, pleated shorts or a cute skirt. My only concern is getting them dirty. I'm not known for being very conscientious with my footwear.

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