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NY Fashion Week: Random observations

  • I haven't seen any freakishly skinny models yet. I mean, they're all underweight like models are, but so far no on-her-deathbed physiques.
  • The street fashion photographers are out in full force. I've been here 24 hours and have already been photographed four or five times. And I'm not wearing anything crazy! The competition to update their blogs must be pretty fierce.
  • I ran into a fashion journalist I knew and she totally snubbed me! I asked her how she was doing and she just looked at me and turned away. Something about Fashion Week turns people bitchy. And to think that I hired her for some online stories last fall! Perhaps I should've reminded her about that?
  • The five-inch heels I brought along aren't going to see the light of day. I've already almost snapped an ankle in some three-inchers. Not worth it. (watch me eat my words in about four hours)
  • Not all gift bags are created equal. But damn near all of them include beauty products. Highlights include almond biscotti, Stila lip gloss and undereye cream from Lela Rose and dry shampoo, finishing spray and condoms (??) from Zac Posen.
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