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NY Fashion Week: Behind-the-Scenes

I'm going to quite a few of shows today, so instead of going back to the apartment between collections, I've been spending a lot of time in Lincoln Center. Here are a few snapshots of what's going on around me:

An overhead shot of the main area where everyone congregates between shows.

This is a massive line for Carolina Herrera. It wraps almost out the door out of the frame at right. Everyone's waiting to get a seating assignment and gain entry into the show. It can be hard to tell what's a line and what's just a cluster of people. But that does aid skipping ahead from time to time ... not that I'm a budger or anything ...

This is one of the Fashion 360 check-in kiosks where attendees are allegedly able to print out their seating assignments and forgo a massive line. I attempted to use one before my first show, but it didn't work and I was forced to wait in line anyway. I actually haven't seen many people using the kiosks. It's a new system, so they must not be used to it yet.

Free Fiji water! These are just sitting in bins around Lincoln Center. Room temperature, but whatevs.

Here's a little newsstand along the wall where you can pick up the latest issue of WWD, etc.

This is a weird elevated hair salon in one corner of Lincoln Center. I'm pretty sure they're doing free cuts and styles. Directly across from it is a similar (non-elevated) makeup parlor by Maybelline.

And here's the media lounge smack in the middle of the center, where I'm sitting now. We're only supposed to use it for an hour at a time because it's really small, but the guy on the far left has been in that spot every time I've come here. Rule-breaker!

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