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NY Fashion Week: Rebecca Minkoff

Finally, a way for the average editor to get a good photo!

Yesterday, Rebecca Minkoff displayed her Spring 2011 collection as a fashion presentation rather than a traditional runway show. With presentations, the models stand like mannequins on elevated platforms in a room that viewers wander through, snapping photos and taking notes. It's a great way to see the clothes up close and get some non-movement shots. The models often make eye contact with the camera and the lighting is bright, resulting in some great photos.

I love this collection. The models all looked effortlessly chic in a mix of flowing skirts, tough leather, sexy shorts and tons of silky blouses. I dug the palette of camel, red and black, which is likely to be big for spring. Everything was super wearable and flattering (though it's hard not to flatter a stick-thin model).

That evening I checked out Minkoff's afterparty on the Upper West Side. It was on what appeared to be the rooftop atrium of a Mariott hotel. The complimentary signature cocktails were all variations on margaritas -- I tried the cucumber and pomegranate varieties.

The party never got too terribly crowded. I planted myself on a sofa near the window and chatted up Jennifer, a columnist from a newspaper in Miami Beach who just moved to New York. It turned out she lives a block away from where I'm staying, so we shared a cab home.

As we were leaving I had to squeeze my way through a clump of people to get past the bar and accidentally bumped a woman in a patterend blouse. Turned out it was Rebecca Minkoff! Whoops. She put on a great party!

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