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Party Recap: Pale Rider

A look by Danielle Everine / Photo by Ingrid Werthmann

Last night Danielle Everine and Raul Osorio unveiled their latest collections during Pale Rider, an amazing show produced by MNfashion at Grain Belt Bottling Co. I'll be reviewing the show on this week, but here are some mental notes I took during the festivities, including the afterparty at Honey. Pretty much everyone who's anyone in the local fashion world was there, dressed to the nines, drinking and smoking and wiling out.

- Sat alongside the runway next to Hollie Mae Schutz of HMStyling. She knew which looks I’d like before I did.

- Fashion writer/stylist Jahna Peloquin was wearing a cute fur bustier — looked like it could’ve been from Danielle or Raul’s collection.

- Heard from a group of Vision models, incluing It girl Ashlee Walker, that the scene backstage was ultra professional.

- Found sisters Molly and Amy Roark outside, braving the low-50s post-show. Molly was sporting a diamond hand necklace with fingers in the rawk formation. Props to her and Gail Madden for styling such a lovely show.

- Congratulated Stephen Stephens on the gorgeous Pale Rider promo video he shot, and Chris Larson on the show’s graphic design. It’s crazy how talented these local fashion peeps are. We’re lucky.

- Got the scoop on designer Ivan Idland's spring plans. Sounds like Voltage could be in his future!

- The servers at Honey gave Blacklist Vintage owners Jennifer Mumm and Vanessa Messersmith a surprise tuna tartare. It must’ve had something to do with how foxy they looked in their vintage attire.

- Caught up with David Brewer (a.k.a. DJ So Gold) and dished about our recent trips to New York. He ran into legendary photographer Terry Richardson on the street and snapped this sweet pic!

- Discovered my new favorite couple — attorney Christian Clapp and artist Drew Beson who’s currently out of hibernation for a hot min. Did you guys see him when he lived in a glass room in the skyway for 104 hours back in 2008, making art in full view of passersby? Let’s try to get him to do that again.

- Chatted with l’etoile editor Kate Iverson, who threw the afterparty — she was wearing a behemoth beaded necklace that could take out a few teeth, should it ever need to. (Kate’s tough.)

- Heard some amazing tales of stylist Richard Anderson’s childhood on the farm in Chaska — haybales, wedding dresses, parades. His life is the craziest, most fashionable puzzle.

- Designer Laura Fulk became my bar mentor, teaching me the “give-me-a-drink” stare she gives bartenders. She's served as a kind of mentor to Raul, you know. Girl knows how to get things done. Speaking of which, did you know that the fall/winter 2010 collection she unveiled at McNamara Alumni Center last spring sold out in a week? She just completed her spring/summer 2011 collection, and it's currently filling out stores on both coasts. Sucess story, holla!

- As I was leaving I saw Raul piling into the back of a car with several others, still beaming from the show. I got all shy, starstruck. Designers GLOW after a successful show, seriously.

ALSO SPOTTED: Designer Kerry Riley of Needle & Black looking fierce in a leggy dress alongside the runway … designer Danica Adler’s impressively chaotic, yet perfectly coiffed hair … The Minneapoline street fashion photographer Ellen Dahl Lawson in thigh-highs (someone should take HER picture) … designer Emma Berg leaving the show, but not going to the after-party, causing sorrow in the hearts of many.

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