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Outtakes: Tender Cuts

Fashion designers, particularly up-and-comers, are some of my favorite people. They're so passionate, creative and true to their own aesthetics -- they don't yet have marketing departments and business analysts cluttering things up. It's all about the design and the concept and the process.

So I was delighted to sit down and chat with independent designer Emily Bryngleson of Tender Cuts, one of my favorite Twin Cities fashion labels. I interviewed her for an August METRO magazine story (which you can read here) and helped out at the accompanying photo shoot.

Photographer Marshall Franklin Long took took the following outtakes on a beautiful July afternoon behind Upper Cut Boxing Gym, using local talent and jewelry by one of my favorite accessory designers, Cocoquette. Check it out:

It was kind of windy outside, which made for some cute, Marilyn-esque poses.

I dig the cute lower back cutout on that dress.

Pleated shorts! Remember how much I love them?


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