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WANT: High-waist, wide-leg jeans

Ever since I saw this photo on The Sartorialist a while back, I've been craving a pair of high-waist, wide-leg jeans.

Photo by The SartorialistHow perfect is this look? I love the soft, white silk blouse and the killer shape of her jeans — roomy around the lower thighs and knees, making them more wide-leg than flare. They make her legs and butt look fantastic, and the length is perfect, with the tiniest sliver of heels peeking out. She looks so chic.

Here are a couple more Sartorialist street shots:

Photo by The SartorialistLove it. God, she must've had a helluva time walking on that cobblestone in those shoes.

Photo by The SartorialistThese are a bit more flare than I tend toward, but they're still pretty cute. Great length and smart to have no front pockets, which add bulk around the hips.

Photo by Childhood FlamesPerfect, all-around. Love the length, fit, color, pocket placement, styling. Doesn't hurt that she's miniscule.

Photo by Style.comDerek Lam showed a cute pair for Spring/Summer 2011 last fall. Once again, they look perfect with an elegant white blouse.

Of course, not everyone can pull off this look. It takes a pretty slender silhouette and height certainly doesn't hurt.

Poor Mischa Barton. This is classic case of the DON'Ts. Let's examine what went wrong:

1. Length — These jeans are way too long for her. Notice how lovely the previous ladies look with hems just a couple inches from the ground in heels.
2. Shoes — Mischa, honey, you're short. If you're going to wear pants like these, you must wear heels. They will lengthen your legs in the most important way.
3. Material — The way these jeans are bunching around the hips indicate a thinner denim. She'd be wise to invest in a pair that's either thicker or stretchier.
4. Styling — That t-shirt? Ugh. I get that she's going for a rocker style, but that won't work with these pants. Slouchy boyfriend jeans or distressed skinnies would've been better.

And then we have Jessica.

On the bright side, she doesn't look as train-wrecky as Mischa. But the styling is all wrong, and the length of her pants is just a bit too long. Whoever told her to wear that double-wrap belt and skin-tight tank should be fired. With hip-hugging pants of this nature, it's important to wear something roomy on top. Notice how the Sartorialist ladies had on blouses or a cropped jacket. It's all about balance and proportion.

Let's go shopping.

Here's a nice pair from the Gap, $79.50. I'm a little skeptical of the side-slit pockets though. Those have never looked good on me. But hey, if you don't have any hips — go for it!

But here's the pair I really want. Old School Straight-Legs from EmersonMade, $188:

Photo by EmersonMadeLook at 'em. So comfy! Such a pretty color! They're a teensy bit too long for the model, but I forgive her. One of the challenges to wearing these jeans is always pairing them with the right shoes so they fit correctly length-wise. Who knows — maybe Mischa Barton looks great in her pair when she's wearing heels.

What do you think? Do you have the right body type for this look?

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