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Behind-the-Scenes: Men's Fashion Shoot

Two male models, three racks of clothes and one giant photography studio — pretty much sums up my Tuesday.

I spent all day shooting men's fashion for the March issue of METRO magazine. Our last few fashion spreads were pretty serious and dramatic, so we took a light-hearted approach this time, pitting the models against each other with ray-guns and lasers. Think GQ meets Jetsons.

Here are some behind-the-scenes shots:

Erick DeLeon styled the story, pulling wardrobe from several menswear shops around town. I was pleased to learn that he did a fitting with the models beforehand — turns out one of the models had listed the wrong sizes.

I loved our shoe selection. Lots of classic, Americana options. Erick has a great eye.

Time to meet our models!

Here's Orlando, from Vision Model Management. He's a dancer, and his grace really showed throughout the shoot.

Next we have Tom Sellwood, a model/actor who's heading to LA in a few weeks. Actually, I read on his website that he served as an Army lieutenant in Iraq, so make that model/actor/soldier. You don't meet one of those too often!

Here's Orlando, photographer Eliesa Johnson and art director Bryan Nanista plotting out our storyboard.

Erick puts the finishing touches Tom's oh-so-dapper bow tie.

Love this shot. Erick is taping the bottoms of Tom's shoes at the makeup table while Eliesa and Bryan give him posing tips. Meanwhile Orlando sips on some coffee and next to me, Brandon is filming the whole thing. Gotta love frenetic photograhy studios.

Here's Tom workin' it for Eliesa. I believe this was our first shot, so everyone was just getting warmed up.

Just a little sneak peek into the story. I don't want to give too much away, but as you can glean from this photo, it involved lots of running, jumping and goofing around. Pretty sure our models had a fabulous time. I know I did!

Here's our wrap shot. What a jubilant group!

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