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Bridesmaid dresses done right

Remember that sneak peek shot of a Christopher Straub bridesmaid dress I posted back in November? Well, the story's finally out — specifically a six-page bridesmaid fashion editorial for Minnesota Bride magazine, of which I'm the editor.

Shot by William Clark, styled by Jahna Peloquin and modeled by Elle Williams with hair/makeup by Fatima Olive, this story should give hope to all those reluctant bridesmaids out there and serve as inspiration for newly engaged women. It is entirely possible to select cute, modern, re-wearable bridesmaid dresses! Really! You wouldn't think so, but it's true! Look!

Simple, kicky little cocktail dress with fabulous heels.

Here's the Christopher Straub petal dress with Bionic Unicorn earrings.

It's all about the accessories.

Love this model, Elle Williams. She knocked it outta the park.

This is the only dress I think could look a little bridesmaid-y, but that's probably just because it has some sheen.

The last and only time I wore a bridesmaid dress was during my sister's wedding in 2004. It was long, black, shiny and ill-fitting. I didn't have the chest for a halter top and had to wear cups that never quite stayed in place. The dress served its purpose that night, but I never wore it again. Sorry, Katy. (love you!)

What was the last bridesmaid dress you wore? Did you ever re-wear it after the wedding?

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