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I <3 Zara

Perhaps you heard the news that Zara, the better-quality-than-forever-21-but-cheaper-than-j.crew shop has finally launched online shopping at If not, well, this is important. Zara has long been out of reach for many Midwesterners like me — the closest location is in Chicago, six hours away. So it's always been "special occasion" shopping to me (pathetic, I know — you bigger city dwellers are understandably horrified. zara is quite commonplace in other parts of the country).

Well, if you live someplace that doesn't have a Zara, this is awesome news. The new online shop offers FREE SHIPPING, which basically equates to physically shopping very slowly via snail-mail. Prices are painfully cheap — $80 dresses, $60 sweaters, $150 boots. It truly is like an edgier, less preppy J.Crew or a more sophisticated, luxurious Forever 21. The shots above are from Zara's fall 2011 lookbook, which I loved.

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