I'm Mary. It's nice to meet you. This blog is a tiny space on the internet to document my musings on style, travel and culture. Enjoy!

Fall So Far

Just a few snapshots from my iPhone taken over the last month or so: behind-the-scenes at a Minnesota Bride shoot, Twins game, in an elevator at the Graves Hotel for a fashion show, wine and cheese, sunnier climates, old friends, wildflowers and ski-ball. The recipe for a good fall.

What's everyone wearing for Halloween this weekend? As I wrote last year, this is my least favorite holiday, because I hate being forced to wear a costume that I have no intention of ever re-wearing. But I'm not about to be a spoilsport, so I'll come up with something. It's looking like it'll involve a lot of black ... and layers ... and possibly some fun sunglasses. We'll see.

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My Anti-Me Halloween Costume

TREND ALERT: Pajamas as clothes