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BEHIND-THE-SCENES: Stylists Styling Stylists for METRO

This was one of the most fun shoots I've ever organized. Picture this: Five of your favorite wardrobe stylists get together to dress each other up in their Sunday best, complete with gorgeous hair and makeup. Now throw in four bottles of champagne, loud music and a tiny dog. That was Monday in a nutshell. I feel so lucky to get to put together stories like this!

Here's the low-down: I challenged five stylists (Grant Whittaker, Cindy Warner, Jahna Peloquin, Molly Roark and Hollie Mae Schultz) to style one look each, using each other as models. So, each person modeled for a photo, and each person styled someone else for a photo. Five photos total. You'll have to wait until the November issue of METRO comes out to see the final shots, but I'll tell you this much: Each look is completely different from the next. The story does a nice job demonstrating the unique touch each stylist brings to his/her work.

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