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Hair today, gone tomorrow

Can't get enough of this wickedly beautiful editorial from FASHIONTREND, an Australian quarterly magazine. The unabashedly kinky '80s hair, jet-black eye makeup and agressive accessories feel so modern and bold. And it still mantains an all-over glamorous vibe.

Have you ever thought about getting a perm? I still remember, quite clearly, in 1993 when my best friend, Sam, permed her hair. She looked so cool. Back then, my hair wasn't thick enough to be eligible, but now it's filled out and I've consider committing to curly. In fact, a few haircuts ago, I asked my stylist what she thought, but she said that because I color my hair, I can't perm it too. It'd get fried and could possibly fall out — in other words, the stuff of nightmares. Not worth the risk, if you ask me.

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