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Bizarre Bird-Themed Fashion Editorial

I love how totally bizarre this bird-themed shoot from the November issue of Numero magazine is. Where did the stylist even find some of these items? I wish the clothing credits were included. The cool thing about this spread is that separately, these pieces wouldn't tell much of a story, but together, it all makes sense in an avant garde, artistic way.

I caught my boyfriend looking at my blog tonight. He came across these photos from FASHIONTREND and I asked him to describe his thoughts as he looked at each shot. Keep in mind, my boyfriend is about as interested in fashion as I am in video games. His reactions went a little like this: "She looks like a zombie." "She has no eyebrows." "That looks like an '80s metal album." "She looks like she's been punched in the face." "Zombie again."

Sometimes I forget just how differently people take in fashion photography. To me, those photos were objectively beautiful. I can't imagine how anyone would see them any other way, because in the end it's all about colors and shapes and textures and lines, and this particular combination was wonderfully done. But, of course, not everyone agrees.

It'd be interesting to go back in time and look at these pictures with the mindset I had before I got into fashion. I bet I'd find them freaky and weird. But at some point in my career I developed a lens that lets me see beauty in the avant garde. This is a trait I look for in the photographers and stylists that I work with. Not everyone has it, and it can take years to develop.

Do you feel like you've developed a "lens" that lets you see the magic in photos that others might percieve as ugly or weird?

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