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OUTFIT POST: Big ol' chunky sweater

My favorite way to wear big, bulky sweaters is with skin-tight bottoms, like tights and a skirt or jeggings. It's actually quite practical, because if your core stays warm, your extremities stay toasty as well. I paired this chunky vintage sweater with a black dress, thick black tights and minimal accessories. The jade necklace was a gift from my sister — she got it in New Zealand.

My sister is also the person who requested some variations in my outfit-post hairstyles. I have a bad habit of always wearing my hair down, plain, boring. It's just easier that way, y'know? But she's right — I need to switch it up and keep things interesting. So! Welcome to my face, sans bangs. Thrilling, right? Maybe next time I'll give you an updo! (don't hold your breath)

In other news, I had two delightful things happen to me today and one not-so-delightful. Let's do the good news first: I found my black leather jacket! I'm not sure if I'd blogged about this, but about a month ago, I misplaced my BELOVED black leather bomber jacket, an irreplaceable vintage beauty that was supposed to serve as my fall coat. I seriously mourned that jacket and thought about it every day. But then my mother called me at work today and told me that she found it in her coat closet! Crazy! I guess I'd left it there the last time I visited. Made my day.

The other good news is that I bought a car today! It's a two-door Hyundai Accent. I wanted something really tiny so I'd get good gas mileage. It's ice blue and super cute!

The not-so-great news is actually pretty cool, just ... cold. I nearly froze to death sitting for an Editor's Note photo shoot in 40-degree weather today. We shot in the garage at the office. I wore a black pencil skirt (without tights!) and a sparkly black top and sat on an apple box with a FREAKING FAN blowing at my face. Those were some of the coldest minutes I've experienced since April. Here's a sneak peek that my art director Janet took:

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