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Joynoelle Studio Visit

I spent Halloween morning hanging out at the atelier of acclaimed Minneapolis designer Joy Teiken, the face behind womenswear and bridal line Joynoelle. She's one of the most delightful designers I've had the pleasure of meeting — so down-to-earth, charming and passionate about fashion. She started designing in 2000 after creating a beret for her cancer-stricken mother — pretty noble beginnings if you ask me.

As I poked around bolts of fabric, racks of dresses and walls of hats, Joy worked on her 2012 collection, which will be unveiled on Nov. 14th at the Grand Café. Inspired by "the caged bird," she used lots of criss-cross shapes, feathers and rich reds, browns and creams to tell the journey of the bird from cage to freedom.

I didn't want to ruin the surprise, so the garment shots above are some of my favorite pieces from past collections. But let me assure you: The 2012 show is going to be something special. I'll be sure to post photos afterward!

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