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TREND ALERT: Patchwork Denim

Patchwork denim has been appearing all over the fashion world lately in the form of button-up shirts, skirts, jeans and jackets. You can thank the '90s resurgence for this one. Does anybody else remember hanging out with dreadlocked hippies in high school, playing hacky-sack and smoking clove cigarettes? They wore patchwork everything — denim, corduroy, flannel — it was practically a dress code.

This is definitely a tricky look to pull off, because you don't want to channel dredlocked-hippie, or sassy-suburban-mom, for that matter. The key is to look chic in an experimental way. I'd suggest starting out with a easy-fitting patchwork button-up shirt, like those pictured in the first two photos above. Pair it with jeans or dark pants and keep the accessories to a minimum.

Oh, and skip the cloves cigarettes. Those were always so disgusting.

Images: Vanessa Jackman, unknown, Tommy Ton, Fashion Toast,, Jak & Jil

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