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Interior Design

Since I'm moving into a new apartment in Seattle in a couple weeks, I've been scouring interior design blogs for inspiration. My new place is modern, with floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room, hardwood floors and an open kitchen. I hate clutter and prefer a clean, yet warm environment. I also have quite a few books, lots of artwork and no television. And I'm planning on buying almost all new furniture. So, I'm almost a blank slate at this point. Let the inspiration begin!

via vtwonen

Love the chandelier and rich blue color scehme.

via sotheby’s

Digging those stacked mini floating shelves.

via esny

Cool way to display books; love the coffe table.

via brides

Gorgeous room-divider curtain.

via lonny mag

Love this couch.

via domino mag (flickr)

It's highly likely that I'm going to fill a wall with postcard-sized photos. I wish I could see how they were attached.

via lonny mag

Everything about this room is fabulous.

via lonny mag

Coolest wallpaper ever? Perhaps. I just found out that it's from Murals Your Way, which is based in Minnesota!

via decoratualma

There's a 0% chance that I could ever keep a stack of books balanced like that, but I appreciate the idea.

via a beautiful living

Love the shag rug and bedding.

via micasa

Pretty little nightstand. I love how books have become décor and not just something to store on a shelf.

via stadshem

Crossing my fingers that my new building managers will allow me to install shelves.

via alvhem makleri

Love the little bench/table/drawer. Cute and practical!

Super cool dining room table.

via little blue deer

Love the idea of clear tables full of stacked magazines and books. It's where storage meets décor!


This is part of the reason I asked for so many fashion coffee table books for Christmas. They look so chic!

via vtwonen

Another neat way to display books.

All images discovered on Interiors Porn, the best interior design inspiration blog out there!

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