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OUTFIT POST: Favorite new sweater

I wore this on an excursion around town last night. First stop was the opening night party at Urban Eatery, a new restaurant below the Calhoun Beach Club. The food was great and the place was packed, but not TOO packed, which made things comfortable. We hung out at a corner of the bar that ended up being near the kitchen, so we got first dibs on most of the passed appetizers. Score.

Afterward, my pal Georgia and I split off from the boys and wound up at Umber Studios for its closing-night party. Umber is morphing from an art gallery in Minneapolis to a boutique hotel in the rustic woods of Oregon. I'm already excited to stay there when it opens in a couple years. Here's a cell-phone pic I snapped of the main exhibit, a kind of preview of the hotel to come.

There was a teeny tiny doll-house-sized vignette underneath the bed. So precious.

Our last stop found us at Memory Lanes watching a Smashing Pumpkins cover band as people bowled around us.

Georgia was dying over the band (Smashed Pumpkins, har har) — apparently she's a huge fan and pretty much told me Billy Corgan's life story right then and there. We ended up chatting with the bassist and drummer on the patio outside after the show.

This week is going to be a busy one. I'm plotting out stories to fill a 200-page magazine, taking some yoga, going to book club, and hitting up a rock show and a fashion show. And I gotta find some time to blog about my favorite looks from New York Fashion Week before it's old news!

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