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Pierrepont Hicks Lookbook Shoot

I had the pleasure of sitting in on the Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook shoot of Minneapolis menswear accessory brand Pierrepont Hicks this morning. Shot at the iconic Electric Fetus record shop by photographer Amber Procaccini with three local rockers as muses, the shoot displayed just how easily bow-ties can be worn on an everyday basis.

Let's meet our subjects. Here's Michael Grey of Mercurial Rage and The Copper Field:

Dapper, no? All of the shirts were provided by martinpatrick3, with styling by Samuel Fehrenbach.

Here's Micah Thor, formerly of So It Goes, which broke up in 2009, getting a little help from Sam:

These guys all seemed genuinely tickled to be doing the shoot. It was cute.

Here's Adam Gislason, also of So It Goes:

Love the white bow-tie. Could there be a better accessory for a guy? I think not. He doesn't even look fancy or dressed up, necessarily. Just stylish and aware of his clothing.

Things got a little giggly on-set. Can't blame 'em. These guys are rockers pretending to be models! Amber is providing some much-needed guidance.

I love male modeling. No matter the publication or campaign, it almost always consists of just guys standing there. And it'd be weird any other way.

Above is Samuel Fehrenbach, stylist extraordinaire. He is, quite simply, one of the best-dressed men in Minnesota. Always looks put-together, but not like he's trying too hard.

Above are Katherine and Mac McMillan, founders of Pierrepont Hicks. She designs and he handles the business end of things. Their ties are manufactured in New York and sold at shops in Melbourne, Vancouver, Netherlands and, of course, Minnesota. They're expecting a baby later this month.

This was such a fun way to spend my morning. I can't wait to see how the final images turn out! Pierrepont Hicks' website says to expect the lookbook to appear online Feb. 15th.

Photography: Amber Procaccini
Styling: Samuel Fehrenbach of martinpatrick3
Hair: Dee Dredge
Models: Adam Gislason, Micah Thor and Michael Grey
Location: Electric Fetus

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