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BEHIND-THE-SCENES: Minnesota Bride fashion shoot

I spent my day at a giant photography studio in Northeast Minneapolis, shooting fashion for an upcoming issue of Minnesota Bride. This place was like an airplane hangar, with garage doors everywhere. Next time I should just drive my car right up to the cove.

Even the kitchen was huge.

Grant Whittaker, our stylist for the shoot, pulled a bunch of gorgeous statement jewelry from local designer Stephanie Lake. I'm pretty much in love with each piece.

Grant also nabbed a collection of beautiful wedding gowns and black accent pieces to coincide with our somewhat dark, moody, "Black Swan"-esque story.

And here's the obligatory hair-and-makeup-table-at-a-photo-shoot picture.

This is our amazing model, Tenille, getting prepped by our hair/makeup artist Rhonda Jackson. Originally from Barbados and living in New York, Tenille is hands-down one of the best models I've ever worked with. She moves like a dream, looks equally gorgeous serious and smiling, and wears the hell out of a dress. It was so fun to watch her work.

Here's Grant with his friend Jean-Paul, a photographer and dancer who just got back from a six-month shoot performing on a cruise-line.

Aaand here is a very strange chair.

Didn't make it in the shoot, unfortunately, despite being kind of awesome.

Next is a shot of Tenille getting touched-up in between takes, wearing a lovely Joynoelle dress. Some would argue that this look isn't very bridal. I would disagree. Wedding dresses are what you make them. No rules!

Here's another nontraditional look, from Posh Bridal Couture, with a turban made by Grant. Don't worry — we'll have plenty of more traditional wedding looks in the upcoming issue, but I wouldn't be doing the world a service if I didn't try to expand some horizons.

Meet Miles Schuster, our photographer for this story. He's a super fun guy to work with.

Midway through the day, jewelry designer Stephanie Lake and her mother-in-law Susan stopped in for a peek at the process. We took a little break to play with some accessories.

These ladies couldn't be any sweeter. Check out Stephanie in this awesome, fantastical gold headband below. I'm hoping to stop by her studio one of these days and check out her complete collection.

Here's Tenielle, a few moments before we started shooting this incredible Monique Lhuillier gown. It's hard to tell from the picure, but this dress has the most intricate, beautiful netting details.

Crew shot! This is pretty much everyone.

I can't wait to see how the story comes together. It's always a fun moment when my art director Janet plops the first layout on my desk. I'll be sure to share the final images with you all when they're released this July!

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