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Up-and-coming Minneapolis fashion photographers

After posting shots from several of my favorite local fashion photographers the other day, I thought I'd take a moment to highlight some seriously talented up-and-comers. I'm not positive each of these photographers wants to shoot fashion, but judging from the little bit they have shot, they're pretty good at it. Anyone can buy a fancy camera and expensive editing software, but few have an eye for what looks good — and not just good, but cutting-edge.

Eliesa Johnson

I've worked with Eliesa on a couple fashion shoots over the last year or so, including the one pictured above. She's long been an acclaimed wedding and lifestyle photographer and recently decided to add fashion to the mix. Smart move; she's a natural.

Nicholas Marshall

Nic and I worked together on a few fashion editorials for Metro, and I'm always pleased with his professionalism and adaptability. He's been kicking around the local fashion scene for a while now, getting better and better with each project.

Emily Utne

Emily is so new to the fashion photography world, she doesn't even have a proper website yet. But her skillset is on par with more experienced shooters, and it's all because she has an intrinsic eye for fashion.

Chris McDuffie

Chris is another one of those photographers who seemed to appear out of the blue with a book full of test shots. I haven't worked with him yet, but I've been keeping my eye on his portfolio, which is only getting more polished.

Carlos Gonzalez

Carlos is clearly a whiz with editing software and knows how to catch the eye. Many of his photos, like the one above, have a certain vivid quality that isn't seen in real life, but looks awfully good in a fashion magazine. Not a bad skill to have.

Filipe N. Marques

I first met Filipe when he assisted at a shoot for Miles Schuter, who's featured in my previous post. Filipe's smart to assist other photographers whenever possible, building great experience and networking with others in the industry. That's probably a big part of the reason he's producing such nice work.

Amy Gee

I love this quiet, striking shot. I can't say for sure that Amy's interested in shooting fashion; I've never worked with her, and her portfolio seems to be full of photojournalism and portrait work, which just might be what she prefers. Either way, she sure knows how to compose a lovely photograph.

Collin Hughes

Similarly, I have no idea if Collin is persuing fashion photography — his book is full of more lifestyle shots, weddings, portraits, etc. — but if he is, he's off to a great start.

Brad Ogbonna

I'm particularly excited about Brad, who popped up on my radar a few weeks ago. He hasn't even graduated from college yet and he's already interned at Spin magazine and shot indie-rock band Yeasayer. His work is unlike that of any Minneapolis photographer I've seen — moody, unexpected, odd, dramatic and modern. I love when photographers play with light (see the shot above), perspective (see two shots above), composition (see three shots above) and and conceptualization (see the first shot). This guy isn't afraid to break rules.

I'm sure I forgot someone, right? Let me know who I left out in the comments.

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