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New Favorite Designer: Mike Gonzalez

I came across the most amazing designer while researching a story this afternoon. Originally from L.A., Mike Gonzalez, formerly of Mike & Chris, has been designing under his full name for little more than a year, and, well ... wow.

Gonzalez has his finger firmly on the pulse of what the modern woman wants to wear. I'm drooling over every piece in his Spring 2011 lookbook, shown above. It's easily layerable and colorful yet muted, with cutout knits, tribal prints and oversized shapes.

Notice how the lookbook repurposes items over and over, making them look fresh and easy in different outfits — the perfect example of great styling and versatile designs. In fact, I love everything about this lookbook, which is more of a fashion editorial than a boring merchandise presentation. The gorgeous model, creative poses and dramatic lighting really steps things up.

Gonzalez's designs are sold at boutiques and department stores around the world. For any fellow Minnesotans reading, check out Bumbershute, Len Druskin and Nordstrom's Via C for the new collection.

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