Lash Card: Dumb idea or total lifesaver?

My first reaction upon seeing a press release for Lash Card, a new disposal mascara shield, was "Wow, what a wasteful, silly product." I imagined a bunch of ladies-who-lunch sitting around a pile of money, trying to come up with an invention that'd keep them occupied between botox sessions. I mean, honestly — who's so passionate about precise mascara application that they'd build an entire brand around it?

But then I considered it for another half-second, and realized that I would totally use this silly, wasteful product. After all, there's nothing more frustrating than applying your eye shadow PERFECTLY only to ruin it with a shaky mascara wand. This happens to me all too often, and it's always at the worst possible time — two seconds before you have to dash out the door to a party or date. And each time, you have no choice but to reapply your smudged eye shadow, knowing full well that you'll never recreate the aforementioned perfection.

So, yeah. Those ladies-who-lunch can come up with some decent ideas.

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