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METRO editorial featuring The Shows

Earlier this month, I posted some behind-the-scenes photos from a story I did promoting the upcoming solo shows of four local fashion designers (and other MN Fashion Week shows). It was only one shot, but took quite a bit of running around and pre-planning to ensure some semblence of cohesion among the different designs.

Here's how it turned out:

I kind of love it. See what I mean about trying to find cohesion? The wigs and makeup really helped tie things together.

It took about 30 minutes for the models to get comfortable enough to get all up in each others' business like this. It's hard to tell a group of four completely sober people who've never met before to get playful and sexy with each other. We got this photo near the end of the shoot.

Here's a more subdued outtake that appeared in the Table of Contents:

This shot definitely shows the clothes better, but it didn't have nearly the personality and allure that the previous photo had. I debated it though! One of the many judgment calls you have to make as an editor.

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