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I hit the jackpot with this grey pleated skirt and simple cream blouse, both of which are 100% silk. The skirt moves like a dream, and it has pockets to boot! I can't wait to wear it with a simple tank-top this summer.

Since the blouse and skirt are so plain, I thought I'd add a punchy vintage floral belt for some color. This belt actually came with a floral dress of the same print. I often throw out matching belts, but decided to keep this one for some reason; glad I did.

I haven't worn this Art-Deco-style owl necklace in a while, so on it went. I got it at one of my favorite local vintage boutiques.

Blouse: thrifted vintage
Skirt: thrifted vintage
Belt: thrifted vintage
Necklace: Rewind Vintage
Shoes: H&M

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