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New menswear editorial for Metro magazine

Remember that menswear shoot I blogged about a couple months ago? The one with the super cute male models for Metro magazine? Like you could forget! Well, the story finally hit newsstands this month, lasers and all! Check it out:

This is probably the first and only time I'll get to use "ZAP!" as a headline.

I loved working on this story. Our photographer, Eliesa Johnson, was awesome; the models had so much fun (men truly are easier to direct than women) and the clothes, styled by Erick DeLeon, were fabulous. And, man! The lasers! We hired an art student to do the illustration, and it turned out great. Sometimes it just feel refreshing to forget super-serious high fashion modeling and put together a fun, whimsical shoot like this. Please support magazines and pick up a copy on newsstands in the Twin Cities today!

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