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Kevin Kramp - April 14, 2011

Who would've thought such an inventive, unique knitwear designer would come out of Minnesota?

I was delighted to watch Kevin Kramp's Spring 2011 show at Grain Belt Bottling Co. this evening. It was almost like a lesson in the fundamentals of clothing, breaking them down into their purest form — woven materials — and showing how to build them back up in unexpected ways.

Kevin doesn't think inside the box — in fact, he's never seen the box before and doesn't much care what it looks like. He's inspiring men and women across the world (truly — he's been written up everywhere) to reconsinder tugging that plain ol' J. Crew sweater on over their heads in favor of something playful, artistic and bold. We need this.

Also? He rolled out onto the runway on a tiny bicycle, Betsey-Johnson-style. That's awesome.

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Emma Berg / Kevin Kramp: The attendees

Emma Berg - April 14, 2011