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Voltage peeps

I didn't take very many attendee photos at Voltage last weekend, mostly because it was too freaking crowded, and I was getting a little camera weary. But I'd be remiss if I didn't show you what I was wearing!

Why yes, that is indeed a bright magenta, vintage silk jumpsuit. I borrowed it from Mighty Swell Vintage, which is opening its brand new storefront on April 30 and May 1 in South Minneapolis. This jumpsuit, along with many other vintage treasure, will be for sale, generally in the $15-$30 range. In other words, a killer deal.

My necklace is by the talented Kristin Berwald of Bionic Unicorn, who designed all of the jewelry in Max Lohrbach's Voltage segment. Check out her stuff on Etsy.

Speaking of Max Lohrbach, here he is, looking dapper as ever, prominently displaying one of Kristin's Bionic Unicorn creations — teeny tiny dinner plates! — on his lapel. Max is just plain awesome. Coolest dude ever. I need to start a campaign to get him to move to the city. He currently lives in rural Minnesota. Crazy, right?! How could a guy this stylish live in a town with like, ten streets?

Here's a fun shot of Emma Berg, who showed her gorgeous spring collection last week, and Kristoffer Knutson, the managing director at PUNY, a design and animation agency in Minneapolis that's connected to Pink Hobo, where I took photos a couple weeks ago. Isn't Emma's makeup beautiful in this shot? Well done, lady!

And here we have the men of Vision, a local modeling agency that provided many of the statuesque girls and guys who walked in Voltage. From left to right: co-founders Teqendama Zéa Aida and Nathan Yungerberg, and associate career manager Elijah Chhum. These are some of the most fashionable gentlemen in Minneapolis (though Yungerberg resides in New York). Not only were they celebrating Fashion Week, but it was also the same night as Vision's 15-year anniversary.

It wouldn't be a fashion show if I didn't run into stylists Hollie Mae Schultz and AJ Lund of HMStyling. These ladies are always a joy to be around, whether it's working on photo shoot or sitting in the front row at a runway show. And both are experienced models, so it's also fun to take their picture.

Well, Minnesota Fashion Week is finally over and I'm taking a much-needed break from heels and heavy makeup ... until this Saturday when I'm going to Sol Inspirations, an eco fashion show featuring Project Runway Season Six winner Seth Aaron Henderson and runners-up Christopher Straub and Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman. Can't wait!

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