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J. Brand Jeans / YSL / Indie Flick

Ellen Dahl Lawson of The Minneapoline snapped a photo of me in a pair of J. Brand jeans for the company's new website a few weeks ago. Style bloggers from around the country submitted photos of their friends in J. Brand jeans to jump-start the company's new photo-sharing campaign, encouraging customers to upload shots of themselves in their favorite jeans. I chose this pair of dark-wash jeggings.

On an unrelated note, have you see this lovely trailer for the new YSL documentary, L'Amour Fou?

Looks pretty damn cool to me. I love how nearly every major design house now has a documentary about its founder. Seems like they've all come out in the last year or two. I need to watch them all, of course.

On yet another unrelated note, my friend and former coworker Jon Thomas just released a short film called Photos & Drawings, which he wrote, directed and produced. A few years ago, he photographed a friend and me for the purpose of appearing in background at a photography exhibit in one of the scenes in the movie. I'd completely forgotten about this until I saw the trailer and came across this:

There I am, in the upper right corner, and my friend Sarah in the lower right corner ... along with several other ladies I don't know, but who are likely fellow Minneapolitans. Here's the trailer:

I have no idea what the movie is about, but it looks cute, and it's pretty awesome that Jon made the whole thing from scratch. He's entered it in several film festivals coming up this spring. Best of luck!

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