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Levi's Loves Ladies' Curves

Shopping for jeans has to be one of the most stressful retail activities in the universe, second only to shopping for swimsuits. It blows my mind how the exact same size can vary so widely across brands.

Raise your hand if you fit into one size in one brand and a completely different size in another brand. And raise your hand again if you fit into different sizes within the same brand, depending on the style. Now raise your hand if you've determined that you officially cannot wear a single pair of jeans from a particular brand, because no matter the size or style, they just don't fit correctly.

I'm waving my hands wildly right now.

So I was beyond delighted to discover that Levi's — yes, good ol', all-American Levi's — has started making its jeans according to a Curve ID, which helps you select the appropriate size within your specific body type.

Does it sound like I'm shilling for Levi's? Trust me — no one asked me to blog about this. I'm just excited that a major denim retailer is starting to better design for women's bodies. Check out the four questions Levi's asks to determine a lady's Curve ID.


This last question is probably the most important thing a denim company could ask the women of today, and yet none of the ever do. Thank you, Levi's! You finally understand what sucks about jeans!

The best part is that all of Levis' jeans — skinnies, slims, straight-legs, boot-cuts and pluses — are available in all four curve styles.

For the record, I'm a bold curve, and my main issue was the waist gapping in the back.

How about you? Take the quiz and let me know your Curve ID!

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