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OUTFIT POST: Tribal-print shirt love

I took a mini road trip to rural Minnesota on Monday, scouting locations for an upcoming photo shoot. While I was there, I attempted to take an outfit photo since I'm newly in love with this crazy tribal-print shirt, but failed miserably. I had left the little doohickey that connects the camera with the tripod at home, so I tried to just balance the camera on the tripod, but it was super windy outside and, well, that was really stupid. I look terrified in every shot. So this is all you're getting.

Anyway, I love this shirt. It'd been sadly lost in my closet for the past few months. Does that happen to anyone else? It's an all-too common occurrence in my life. I love rediscovering old favorites, but I always kick myself for losing them for so long. To think of all the outfits I could've worn! Tragic!

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