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OUTFIT POST: Raise the Roof

Figured out how to get on the roof of my apartment building this afternoon. And decided approximately ten seconds later that it's where I want to spend my entire summer. I hope my landlord doesn't mind! The access ladder is actually in my unit, so that kind of makes it my roof, right?

This is just another one of my neutrals-mixed-with-black outfits. I'm quite the fan of that combo.

I snagged these heels from a discount shoe outlet yesterday for $10. A lady can never have too many simple black stilettos.

I must seem pretty cheap, always bragging about my thrift-store finds, but honestly? I'm so clumsy and accident-prone — wearing expensive clothes makes me nervous. I don't feel so bad about getting lipstick on my collar or tearing the hem of my skirt when it costs next to nothing.

The next couple weeks are going to be so busy! I'm going to my friend's art opening on Friday, a photo shoot Saturday afternoon, fashion show Saturday night, industry brunch on Sunday, then four fashion show next week. I'll be sure to bring my camera and document the mayhem!

Skirt: vintage
Jacket: Covered boutique
Handbag: H&M
Top: H&M
Rings: Target
Heels: Opitz Outlet
Necklace: gift
Lipstick: Classic Dame by MAC

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