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BEHIND-THE-SCENES: Men's Fashion Shoot

On Monday I helped put together a men's fashion shoot for Minnesota Bride magazine featuring Will Defiel, the Fall/Winter 2009 face of Calvin Klein. He has the perfect chiseled cheekbones and sharp jawline we were looking for. The story was dark and shadowy — only a model with serious control over his facial expressions could pull it off. Will rocked it like no other.

Hair/makeup sometimes means a slight trim for male models. Good thing stylist Andrea Holton is a total pro.

Photo shoot food! We shot with photographer Michael Haug, who works in a big production studio, which means amazing catered lunches (greek food!) and above-and-beyond breakfasts (see above).

Stylist Erick DeLeon pulled an awesome array of clothes and accessories, like bad-ass pocketwatches and Ray Bans.

And don't get me started on the shoes. These blue oxfords from Martin Patrick 3 are TO DIE FOR. I think I might've successfully pressured Erick into getting a pair for himself.

Our set was simple but striking with large three-dimensional shapes giving texture to the background. In the end, the story's all about Will and the way he wears the clothes.

You can't quite tell from this picture, but he's wearing a ton of makeup. This was necessary to get the kind of dramatic shadows we were going for. Will was a total trooper about it though! A good male model doesn't shy away from a little lip color.

I'm sorry if I'm posting infrequently these days — I just came down with strep throat and a terrible cold ... and then spent twelve hours shooting women's summer fashion outdoors today for a different story. Sick + long hours = worn-out Mary. Time for bed.

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