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Best Dressed at the Met Gala 2011

Beyonce Knowles in Pucci

She looks amazing. Best dress of the night. This wouldn't look half as good on another figure; it's perfect for her hour-glass curves. Love the subtle hair and makeup.

Diane Kruger in Jason Wu

Breathtaking! She's the picture of elegance, from the jeweled, flesh-toned top to the thigh-high slit and barely there heels. It fits her like a dream. This actually reminds me of Rhea Durham's 2011 Oscar dress, which I loved.

Michelle Williams in Miu Miu

How fun and unique is this dress? I like how the black and gold makes you take it seriously (can you imagine this in blue and white? — it'd look like a beach towel), while the birds gracefully swoop around her at just the right height. Cute grecian-style sleeves and scoop-neck too.

Rihanna in Stella McCartney

Have we ever seen this girl looking demure? Hah! Let's hope we never do. She pulled out all the stops with skin-tight black lace and a train that won't quit. I love it.

Jessica Stam in Tommy Hilfiger

Technically, I shouldn't like this. It's so similar to the same ol' nude tulle ballgown nearly every starlet has in her closet, but that jagged hemline! It's so unexpected that it actually gives some much-needed edge to a princessy look. And it doesn't hurt that the bustier fits perfectly and makes her waist look amazing. Love the shoes too. I might've gone with straight hair, but eh.

Christina Ricci in Zac Posen

I nearly choked on my Cheeto when I saw this witchy, spiderwebby, totally AMAZING Zac Posen dress. It almost looks like an explosion. The web-like lines are incredibly flattering, giving crazy-hot curves to an actress who normally looks about as curvy as a 10-year-old boy. In fact, she might want to take up eating — look closely at her waist. That's scary small. Christina, the dress still would've looked hot with five extra pounds.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Stella McCartney

I'm pretty sure we've seen her wear a version of this dress 700 times, but it still looks fantastic. It might be the tiniest bit too long though — looks like she's stepping on it. And would it've killed her to wear an accessory and do a little more to her hair? Regardless, she's a stone cold fox ... and totally knows it.

Ashley Olsen in vintage Dior

Y'all might think I'm crazy, but I really like Ashley Olsen's wacky Dior dress. The juxstaposition between the sleek, minimalist body of the dress and poufy peasant sleeves really works for some reason. She looks incredibly modern and chic, despite the dress being vintage. It's also a little sexy, which we don't often see on an Olsen.

Emma Stone in Lanvin

This one gave me pause; I'll admit it. But the longer I stared, the more I fell in love. I think it's her kind of '80s blond bombshell hair and makeup. Thoughts?

Fergie in Marchesa

Sure, it's your standard overdone, frou-frou Marchesa ballgown, but damn, it looks beautiful on her. The accentuated shoulders totally make it for me, and I like how it fades off into the tulle skirting. I could do without Fergie's, uh, face, though. It's also my opinion that she ruined the Black Eyed Peas, which used to be a legit hip-hop group, but that's a different story for another day.

Penelope Cruz in Oscar de la Renta

Great choice for her. It's classic yet striking with the texturized layers and mini train. I'm a bit surprised by the straps though — it almost looks like they added 'em on. It doesn't hurt the look, however, and probably helped her sanity.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Alexander McQueen

Simple like Paltrow's but with the McQueen touch. I love the way the stitching and beading hugs her curves, like Christina Ricci's dress, but less obvious. I guess this dress is the lovechild of Paltrow and Ricci. There are worse things to be.

Anna Wintour in Chanel

I rarely like anything Anna Wintour wears. Her outfits usually bore me. But this dress is actually kind of exciting. The colors, the electrifying design — you gotta admit it's eye-catching. My only beef is that she looks a little like she's drowning in it. It might look better shorter, tigher on the bottom, or on someone taller.

Eva Mendes in Stella McCartney

I'm slightly on the fence about this one. It's pretty and dramatic, but I've seen her look so much better. I think this dress just isn't really flattering her all that much. And such a royal blue doesn't work as well on brunettes as it does on blondes, unfortunately.

Liv Tylver in Givency

Liv here has a simliar problem. Maybe it's all that red carpet stealing her thunder, but the yellow looks a little gross on this dress. Like pee. Imagine if it were a soft, silvery blue or pale green or bronze — it'd be so much better! I love the feathers though.

Taylor Swift in J. Mendel

Well, well! Look who's growing up! Taylor Swift, bringin' the glam. I love elegant black lace that almost looks like algae and the layered skirt that almost looks like jellyfish. She's rockin' a serious sea-goddess vibe.

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